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Recycled Skateboard Square Drink Coaster

Image of Recycled Skateboard Square Drink Coaster

This is our second version of our square drink coaster. Now with more space for your beverage and a more pleasing aesthetic. Each coaster is created using broken skateboard decks. Once we remove the grip tape, the skateboards are cut into strips. The strips are then sanded, glued and placed in a press for several hours. The final product is hand sanded, then a clear enamel finish is applied to seal the coaster and to bring out the colors of each veneer. The underside of each coaster is covered with a layer of cork so it won't slide or scratch. These are way cooler than using napkins.

- colors will vary

- dimensions 3.25 x 3.25 x .40 in (85x85x10mm)

- listing is for one (1) coaster