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The No. 1 Cable Stop / Cord Organizer

Image of The No. 1 Cable Stop / Cord Organizer

The No. 1 cable stop is hand-made from broken skateboards.

No more searching for your charging cable because it fell off your desk as soon as you unplugged your iPhone. The small no. 1 cable stop will keep your cables easily within reach and not on the floor or behind the bed. The two halves are held together by (neodymium) rare earth magnets. There is a satisfying click when you put the halves together. We finish each cable stop with a clear enamel to bring out the colors and add protection. There is a small reusable adhesive pad on the bottom to ensure it stays where you put it.

- dimensions 1.25 in x .75 in

- holds 1 or 2 cables