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The No. 2 Cable Stop / Cord Organizer made from broken skateboards.


The No. 2 cable stop is hand-made from broken skateboards.

No more searching for your power cable because it fell off your desk as soon as you unplugged your laptop. The no. 2 cable stop will keep your cables easily within reach and not on the floor under your desk. The two halves are held together by (neodymium) rare earth magnets. The top is made from broken skateboards and the bottom is made from Walnut scraps from a local lumber Co. We finish each cable stop with a special blend of wax to bring out the colors and add protection. It has considerable weight so it will stay where you put it, we even added small rubber feet (made from recycled bicycle inner tubes) to keep it secure.

- dimensions 2.25 in x 1 in

- holds up to four cables